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Show One

In which Tom gets decked, Gary can't believe his eyes, and Toast gets a big ad in Cardiff.

Show Two

Featuring a discussion about fitting Ray Mears in a Swiss army knife, and some big explosions.

Show Three

Tonight, our energy-saving solution fails spectacularly, and we startle a passing dog.

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Google Street View Race

Gary is beamed into San Francisco through the wonders of virtual reality.

Monument Morse

A dozen people, a lot of cardboard, and a very big beacon.

The Iron Chefs

Cooking a full English breakfast using nothing but regular household irons.

The Battle of the Beer

Round 1. This week featuring a pornographic Distractionator.

The Battle of the Beer

Round 2. Has Gary suffered enough? Probably: tonight, Tom sings at him.

The Battle of the Beer

Round 3. Biscuit, cereal or cake? Plus, a vicious wedgie.

Date This Man

Personal ads, phone box cards, and a trip to Cardiff.

The Trip to Scarborough

In which we push our CGI budget, and Gary keeps an eye on two seagulls.

The Cone

We found a talking warning cone. Of course we were going to play with it.