About the show

Online, we broke the news, cooked breakfast on an iron and threw two drums and a cymbal off a cliff.

On the radio, we won the 2008 Kevin Greening Award for Creativity and a 2009 Bronze for Best Entertainment at the SRAs.

We figured it was about time we tried our hand at TV.

Spread the word

These three pilot shows are made thanks to a lot of time and effort from a whole group of volunteers — damn right we're trying to keep this going. If you, or someone you know, could help take this further than YouTube, drop us an email.

And if not: pass it on. Thanks for your support.

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Show One

In which Tom gets decked, Gary can't believe his eyes, and Toast gets a big ad in Cardiff.

Show Two

Featuring a discussion about fitting Ray Mears in a Swiss army knife, and some big explosions.

Show Three

Tonight, our energy-saving solution fails spectacularly, and we startle a passing dog.

Watch highlights

Google Street View Race

Gary is beamed into San Francisco through the wonders of virtual reality.

Monument Morse

A dozen people, a lot of cardboard, and a very big beacon.

The Iron Chefs

Cooking a full English breakfast using nothing but regular household irons.

The Battle of the Beer

Round 1. This week featuring a pornographic Distractionator.

The Battle of the Beer

Round 2. Has Gary suffered enough? Probably: tonight, Tom sings at him.

The Battle of the Beer

Round 3. Biscuit, cereal or cake? Plus, a vicious wedgie.

Date This Man

Personal ads, phone box cards, and a trip to Cardiff.

The Trip to Scarborough

In which we push our CGI budget, and Gary keeps an eye on two seagulls.

The Cone

We found a talking warning cone. Of course we were going to play with it.