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Back by popular demand! A trivia quiz with facts, dings and mystery biscuits that ends up on a tangent more often than an answer. Tom picks a page from wikipedia almost at random, and Chris Gary and Matt have to guess what it's about.


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Who Are The Technical Difficulties?

Tom Scott

Tom Scott

The one in a red t-shirt. Once got five gold runs on Blockbusters.


Matt Gray

Matt Gray

Professional broadcast engineer. Provides 87% of the show's bounce.


Gary Brannan

Gary Brannan

Person by day, asleep by night; built for leisure, not for speed.


Chris Joel

Chris Joel

Once ████, Chris ███ ███ ████ ever again.

Doesn't do that social media nonsense

A Brief History

The Technical Difficulties have been together since the mid 2000s.

On the radio, we won the inaugural Kevin Greening Award for Creativity in 2008, and a Bronze for Best Entertainment the year after at the Student Radio Awards. We finished 2009 by making a three-part video series.

Our reverse trivia quiz podcast followed, and after 33 episodes we morphed it into Citation Needed.